About Us

Dal 1986


Una Questione di Calore

Established in Cremona in the 80s, with a vocation for research, Coven is one of the first companies to have launched on the world market combi-steam ovens, and both convection and steam ovens.

Today a synergism of entrepreneurs together with a team of highly qualified technicians consistent with the original mission and with a shared passion for technological research, breathe new life into Coven with one aim only: the ideal heat.

Each hand-made oven is tested by our experts who monitor every single phase of the assembly process. Coven products are made in Italy and in addition to being simple to use, they have exceptional performance and reliability levels with a satisfactory quality-price ratio.

Coven’s future spells innovation.
The exclusive patents applied to the new products will guarantee a competitive advantage which is both enduring and significant, especially within the gas range which boasts consumptions and emission minimum levels.

Coven when heat matters 

Sviluppo e Innovazione

La Tecnologia

We distinguish the gastronomy from the pastry line: the guidelines are simplicity of use and reliability. We use high quality components designed and manufactured in partnership with our suppliers.
Our ovens feature innovative elements protected by company patents that allow Coven to be at the forefront of the oven manufacturing industry

La Mission della Nostra Azienda


Every day we are alongside with the chefs who use our ovens, to boost their creativity in the kitchen for the perfect outcome of their preparation through simple daily gestures. Passion made in Italy!
We build. Coven professional convection ovens are made entirely within the company, they are all tested and ready for the intensive use they are designed for.
We work side by side. In the pre-sale phase we provide all the necessary information to allow chefs to exploit the oven’s full potential.
We are there for you. We offer constant and accurate assistance.

La Nostra Forza

Ricerca e Sviluppo

The new European directives, and in particular those on eco-design and energy labelling, are
the fundamental levers of our research. We continue to invest in improving our combustion systems.
In this field, Coven is the owner of an innovative international patent involving the use of a special burner for gas ovens.
Thanks to our researchers, we have introduced new systems to control the steam in the cooking chamber.
A new self-diagnosis system for the furnace is currently being studied, which will enhance the tools available to our service technicians.