Coven turns the ancient art of pastry and bakery into a modern reality. The New Line ovens dedicated to this sector guarantee perfect results in all phases of preparation. The Coven ovens feature high-tech elements while maintaining simple and reliable characteristics.

Master Delight represents the new Coven concept applied to pastry and bakery and is available in two versions: Mech and Visual. The digital thermostat and the inversion of the fan rotation make up for a high cooking precision. Condensation collection is guaranteed by a double tank system.
Master Delight is Coven’s top of the range Coven pastry and bakery oven, a marvel of perfection and simplicity.

A series equipped with an intuitive and reliable capacitive keypad with a sophisticated design, the latest generation software for storage of up to 99 recipes and the option of 9 different cooking phases in automatic sequence. The absolute reliability of the system guarantees constant repeatability over time. In addition, delayed start and rapid cooling system allow to optimize the preparation times. The USB port offers the opportunity to update software with new functions and recipes, thus allowing to manage and simplify the work processes.
Master Delight ovens are equipped with an inverter that makes sure you can control the fans at 9 different speeds and also boast an innovative system of rapid automatic evacuation.

The series with digital thermostat and encoder. Convection cooking, automatic and manual humidifier, speed regulation and fan rotation reversal team up to guarantee the utmost cooking precision.

Il DNA Coven nella serie Yellow della Classic Line trova la sua perfetta collocazione in un forno professionale per la pasticceria e la panificazione con funzioni multiple che consentono un risultato perfetto anche nelle preparazioni più ricercate.
La struttura in acciaio inossidabile è modellata in un design classico ed è dotata di comandi meccanici. Un atout assoluto accessibile anche per gli esercizi di dimensioni più contenute.