Coven Professional Ovens


Thanks to its rich collection of professional convection and mixed ovens, direct steam or with boiler, in the gas and electric versions available in the New Line, Coven is the perfect partner in the kitchen to prepare the best recipes.
The great versatility of Coven ovens offers Chefs maximum creativity and the results are impeccable.

Coven’s new line presents Steady Cook, a high-tech oven in two models: Visual and Touch; convection and combi-steam ovens with precise and uniform temperature regulations and with a software able to store up to 99 recipes with 9 different cooking phases. The USB input offers the possibility to update software with new functions and recipes, allowing to manage and simplify the work processes

The top of the range, Steady Cook is programmable through a 7″ graphic touch screen display for quick and easy use.

A series equipped with an intuitive and reliable capacitive keypad and a sophisticated design.

At the heart of the Steady Cook technology is the DUO STEAM SYSTEM, an innovative combined system that produces steam that permits to adjust the percentage of moisture to precision. A dedicated boiler that conducts steam into the cooking chamber together with devices that allow direct production in a perfect combination of efficiency. DUO STEAM SYSTEM makes fast cooking possible at high temperatures and slow preparation at low temperatures, with a result which is always at the right level. In addition, Steady Cook allows you to cook food under vacuum, with less weight loss and greater enhancement of flavours. Steady Cook is also equipped with an inverter that allows cooks to control the fans at 9 different speeds.

A system that makes sure that the difference in temperature between the core of the product and the cooking chamber is constant.
The core probe, a small, high-performance tool, is the heart of the DELTA T COMBO, which measures in real time the internal temperature of the food and ensures that the desired food temperatures are reached and maintained.
The Coven core probe is removable for increased durability.
Regenerating and vacuum cooking at low temperatures are some of the possible options.

The Steady Cook Self-Washing Mode is equipped with an arm with multiple jets which are able to reach every corner of the cooking chamber for impeccable cleaning, thanks to three washing cycles, from the fastest to the most intense. The liquids are collected by a double tank system

La Classic Line è la quint’essenza del know-how Coven.

Una collezione di forni creati per durare nel tempo e garantire all’utilizzatore risultati sempre soddisfacenti. Tutti i modelli montano componenti prodotti in Italia e sono caratterizzati da un design essenziale. Resistenti, semplici da usare e con grandi capacità produttive i forni appartenenti alla Classic Line sono accessibili anche alle piccole attività.

Una selezione di forni a convezione , dotati di umidificatore, con interfaccia utente a comandi meccanici affidabili e facili da usare.

La collezione di forni a convezione e vapore nelle versioni elettrica e a gas con interfacce utenti meccaniche ed elettroniche.