Coven brings the ancient art of pastry and baking into the modern era. The ovens from the New Line dedicated to this sector ensure perfect results in all stages of preparation. Coven ovens incorporate high-tech elements while maintaining simple and reliable characteristics.


Master Delight represents the new concept from Coven applied to pastry and baking, available in two versions: Mech and Visual. Digital temperature regulation and fan rotation reversal allow for high cooking precision. Condensate collection is ensured by a dual-tank system. Master Delight is the flagship model among Coven’s pastry and bakery ovens, a marvel of perfection and simplicity.


The Coven DNA in the Yellow series of the Classic Line finds its perfect placement in a professional oven for pastry and baking with multiple functions that ensure a perfect result even in the most elaborate preparations. The stainless steel structure is shaped in a classic design and is equipped with mechanical controls. An absolute asset accessible even for smaller establishments.